Why are we here? 

We're on a mission to help people make better career and lifestyle choices.  Work is such an important part of what we do - and we believe it can add huge value to your life.  

Humans have 4 fundamental drivers - one of which is the drive to bond.  In an increasingly digital world, you can find millions of sites showing you videos, blogs, articles and chatbots. Whilst helpful, technology for many many more decades yet can't beat the power and value of being there and doing it.  Experiential learning - such as job shadowing, is the most powerful form of career change learning there is - it makes sense to apply it to one of the most important life decisions you'll make.  

We've saved people from investing life savings in businesses they realised they wouldn't enjoy and we've given people the confidence to realise the job they're dreaming of is within their capability.  Seeing people embrace new challenges with the confidence to know they are making better decisions is incredibly rewarding.  

Our business isn't at the size to employ others, but if you believe in our journey and what we are trying to do and would like to join us, please email lucy@viewvo.com

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