Why are we here? 

We're on a mission to help people make better career and lifestyle choices.  Work is such an important part of what we do - and we believe it can add huge value to your life.  

Humans have 4 fundamental drivers - one of which is the drive to bond.  In an increasingly digital world, you can find millions of sites showing you videos, blogs, articles and chatbots. Whilst helpful, technology for many many more decades yet can't beat the power and value of being there and doing it.  Experiential learning - such as job shadowing, is the most powerful form of career change learning there is - it makes sense to apply it to one of the most important life decisions you'll make.  

We've saved people from investing life savings in businesses they realised they wouldn't enjoy and we've given people the confidence to realise the job they're dreaming of is within their capability.  Seeing people embrace new challenges with the confidence to know they are making better decisions is incredibly rewarding.  

Our business isn't at the size to employ others, but if you believe in our journey and what we are trying to do and would like to join us, please email lucy@viewvo.com

Why ViewVo

  • Brilliant Experts

    We carefully vet and source experts who are professional, credible, experienced and friendly. Their success, impartiality and willingness to share gives you the honest insight you need to make informed decisions. Not everyone wants to help you. We've solved that problem: learn from the best - because now you can.

  • View a Vocation - ViewVo

    Short of an internship, job shadowing is proven to be more effective than any other form of career change learning. We've given people the confidence to take next steps (such as opening the coffee shop they've always dreamed about) and we've stopped others investing time, energy & savings, into work/retraining not right for them.

  • £ Value

    Six sessions with a career coach typically costs £1k - 3k. Training courses are typically £500 - 5k. Job shadowing opportunities on ViewVo range from £60 - 1250. Some experts ask you to donate the fee to charity. Either way, you are supporting small businesses, social enterprises and charities. Give as you learn.

  • No question unanswered

    Our experts will share insights on what costs and income is realistic, what systems and processes work best, what business development strategies do/don't work. Depending on the opportunity you'll be re-caning chairs, pruning vines, observing a coaching session, learning about which websites your B&B should avoid... and much much more.


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