I'm a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS).   I am also Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) - the professional body in the UK for business psychology which seeks to maintain and develop standards of excellence for the profession.  For over 20 years, I've worked in investment banking, strategy consulting and as a freelance consultant helping a range of large private and public sector corporates recruit, train and manage their employees.  Whether designing simulators to select foreign exchange traders through to assessing leaders at board level, I know from experience that observing people doing a role is more informative and powerful than hearing people describe what they claim they can do.  I've introduced internships and assessments which feature realistic job previews because I know no one wants to apply or work in a job they can't do - and therefore won't enjoy and will find stressful.  In short - I have personally found and all the academic and peer reviewed research will back up the fact that giving people better insights into roles they are applying for helps them make better decisions for themselves. 
We'll be using data from this site in an academic study so if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for science :)  
I am a career changer myself - when I started a family, I gave up the corporate world to go freelance and am now taking the step of starting up ViewVo.  
I'm brilliant at jigsaw puzzles but rubbish at cooking fishfingers.






Deborah changed career herself so knows what a daunting process it can be – when you feel ‘stuck’ in a particular role that doesn’t excite or inspire you. Returning to university to study for an MSc in Business Psychology she met Lucy and loved the idea of ViewVo; an exciting and innovative web platform that could help people make the career change they’ve always dreamed of! Deborah loves yoga, wine and cheese (although not necessarily together) and has a ‘special’ cat called Harry who’s yet to master basic cat skills such as climbing and balance – bless!



Jonathan is living the career changing dream. After 17 years in hospitality including setting up and running the award winning Rectory Hotel & Potting Shed pub in the Cotswolds, he has joined his sister and the team at ViewVo. Years of nurturing talent and starting 2 successful businesses from scratch has left an impression and he is keen to help others experience the thrill of setting up their own business. Jonathan also runs an art & decorative antiques business with his partner Julian and loves exploring the markets of France & Italy. Downtime is spent walking his dogs Barney & Tilly around his Cotswold home and working towards his diploma in wine.
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