Test drive a career change by spending time with experts doing the job of your dreams

Find out in 30 minutes if your dream job is right for you.

You can spend years making mistakes - or work with someone who has been there, done that and wants to help you succeed

Successful experts are busy. 90% of the time if you approach them to 'pick their brains' over a free coffee they'll say no. Expertise isn't free.

What marketing strategy works best? Is my budget in the right ball park? What will get me promoted? Is xxx qualification really necessary?

Experts charge a fraction of their typical day rates because they want to help. Some even donate their fee to charity. Give as you learn. Nice :)

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    Over 200 exclusive opportunities to learn from the best experts, top in their field

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    No more old boy network or linked in rejections. You have so much potential. Our experts get that.

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    Meet up or shadow - a half or full day. Get where you want faster than ever before.

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