Before children I worked in investment banking and consulting. I loved what I did when I started, but over time, my priorities changed. I grew up without seeing much of my parents and didn't want the same for my children. So I gave up 'the career'. I feel liberated, scared, I often feel a failure - but when I hit 50 and my youngest has flown the nest, I'll still have time for at least a 20 year career if that is what I feel like doing!

I'm a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). I am also Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) - the professional body in the UK for business psychology. This is a position I have been elected for by my professional peer group. This is my second term. Either I'm doing something right, or no one else wants the job!

For over 20 years, I've seen first hand the significant benefits to individuals and organisations who offer job shadowing. The research is compelling: you make a better decision about which job is right for you if you have the chance to experience it first.

Not rocket science is it? You wouldn't marry someone without dating them or buy a house without viewing it!

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Jonathan is living the career changing dream. After 17 years in hospitality including setting up and running the award winning Rectory Hotel & Potting Shed pub in the Cotswolds, he has joined his partner Julian in running an antiques business in Isle Sur La Sorgue! In between glasses of wine and antique buying trips, he helps to track down some amazing experts. Oh and he's working on getting a diploma in wine so he's a great drinking buddy.

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3 Month Contract/Paid work experience Job Opportunity: 

Outline of the role:

  • The main part of this role is to project manage our web developer to complete a series of identified items. Your role will be to ‘user test’ – you’ll check the fixes are working and if they make intuitive sense to a customer.
  • To research and add multiple new experts to the website. We are searching for the best, most successful people in each field who can be career mentors to others. This is not a ‘sales’ job – you are offering to pay them. You will be expected to add 40 new career experts to the site.
  • To help set up meetings, to connect users and mentors.
  • To help generally on ad hoc projects (newsletters, interviews, researching potential partners).

Who would be perfect for this?

  • As ViewVo is a website to help people who want to change careers, this role would really suit anyone who has either changed careers or is thinking of doing this. A mum returning to work, someone who has been made redundant, someone who thinks they'd like to work in a capacity helping others - this role will give you real insight.
  • This opportunity is ideal for someone who needs to work flexibly. ViewVo is based mainly from my kitchen table (!) so working from home three days a week is the expectation. We will meet typically once or twice a week, either in my home office (Barnes, SW13) and up in Waterloo/Central London. Client meetings will also take place, mainly in Central London and your presence will occasionally be needed.
  • You’ll need to be self motivated and need to be able to work and deliver without someone looking over your shoulder.
  • Someone who loves networking and isn’t scared of reaching out and contacting people. Over the course of 3 months, you should be able to add around 40 new mentors to the site and this depends on you building relationships with others.
  • Someone who is detail focused and can follow up and check agreed items have been actions.
  • Someone who is an independent contractor/freelancer. We don’t yet know if there will be any demand for this to turn into a full time position, so initially, whilst we have a clear project scope, this role is targeted at people willing to work on a contractor basis.
  • You’ll need your own laptop.

What will you get?

  • The payment will be £1000 a month and you’ll be expected to deliver 28 hours per week so you can view this role as part time.
  • The experience you will build up is both valuable and highly relevant in today’s changing nature of work. The previous person working for ViewVo on a contract basis has just secured a fantastic full time job.
  • As you will be home based much of the time, you will also be given £100 per month to contribute towards your expenses when you are asked to meet in Central London/Barnes. You will need to keep receipts.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: £1,000.00 /month

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