International events manager - Full day shadowing Spain

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Opportunity Overview

If you get get down to Alicante, I can introduce you to the team in the office. We have a state of the art office attached to a museum so can even give you a quick tour! The idea of this day is to give you the behind the scenes look of how we run events and how the team works together.

Clare Cavalier

Clare Cavalier

International Event Manager

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What you will learn

  • Meet the team
For starters, we'll show you around and we'd like to hear some of your reasons for being interested in what we do. Share your own story with us which will help me understand a little more about you and how we can help.
  • Latest project
For you to put things into context, I'll explain what we're working on and what our objectives are. I'll then line up some meetings for you to meet others and you can see how we all fit and work together.
  • The tools and systems we use
Half the time, the thing that daunts people, is not knowing what is expected, so we'll show you what we work on and might get you to have a go at a few small tasks too :)
  • Adjusting to living overseas
Assuming you are thinking of doing this from the UK, I'll give you an overview of the area and what life is like living abroad. There are some great networks to get into and some good things to know about life in Spain when you are working here!

Meet with Clare

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