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Ali is one of our most popular experts as not only does she have an incredible brand and following, she's also incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and has already had two fantastic testimonials. As a result of spending time with Ali, one has decided a career in fashion is for her and she's now studying fashion and the other has realised Amazon was not the place to market her brand and has now got much more clarity about her product, target market and price points. In such a complex and competitive market, it really helps to talk to one of the best in the business.

Ali Taylor Mapletoft

Ali Taylor Mapletoft

Fashion & homeware designer

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What you will learn

  • A typical week in the life of...
The range and insights into the sorts of activities a fashion designer does. There is a lot more to being a great fashion designer than just having great ideas.
  • The highs and lows
What is great about the industry and what do you need to be prepared for?
  • Barriers to entry?
Do you really need that qualification? If so, where should it be from? What is the minimum you need to get started?
  • Income?
What can someone starting out hope to earn?
  • What are the main skills needed?
And how often do you need them? What sort of proportions of time do you spend doing different things?

Call with Ali

The cost for the call is £38 for up to 30 mins.

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