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Opportunity Overview

One thing that is certain is change: as industries and technologies continue to shape and change the way things are working, companies will need help and assistance to adapt to those changes. In this phone call, I'll give an overview of the work and what is takes to break into and be successful in this field.

Charlotte Housden

Charlotte Housden

Management Consultant People Consulting

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What you will learn

  • What are management consultancies looking for?
As someone who has sat on Assessment centre panels and who gets involved with recruitment, I'll share the sorts of things you'll need to demonstrate and be good at in order to have a good chance of being successful.
  • The highs and lows
I can share perspectives from both working in a large corporate and working in smaller more niche change management consultancies so you get an idea of the differences and what it is like to work in either.
  • A typical week
It is true that no two weeks are ever the same. The variety is one of the best parts of the work. Whilst all clients are different, there are some common expectations you can have about working hours, client demands, realistic goals and so on.
  • Main skills needed
Knowing what the job involves is one thing - but knowing what skills you need in order to deliver is another. I'll share not only the skills I think you need, but also which are the most common and to what extent you'll need to use them.
  • Salary expectations
I'll share what I know people get paid on a starting out level and what is a realistic trajectory should you demonstrate the necessary skills.

Call with Charlotte

The cost for the call is £35 for up to 30 mins.

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