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Charlotte Stuart Interiors is a Hampshire-based design studio that works mainly with high end residential private clients in London and across the South of England. Charlotte is not only a wonderful person, she's a recognised and respected interior designer in the industry. She's on 'The List' for Homes and Gardens, she's a public speaker for brands such as House and Garden, Colefax and Fowler and Julian Chichester. We know from previous clients, Charlotte is a much loved experts on the Brave Starts platform.

Charlotte  Stuart

Charlotte Stuart

Interior Designer

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What you will learn

  • Qualifications needed
Everyone comes to this world with different qualifications and experience. I'd like to get the low down on you: why you are thinking of going into interior design; what experience you have to then talk you through what options might be best for you. In some cases, you might want to do a course - in others, you might already have qualifications and need more of an idea on how to build up your experience.
  • A typical week
It isn't all about looking at lovely colours and fabrics! By breaking down how I spend a typical week, you not only get a better idea of the skills but the time you'll spend on each. Use this to reflect and assess if the demands for the job are a good reflection for your own interests/strengths
  • The types of jobs in the sector
There are two main directions - working for others in a commercial or agency setting or working for yourself. I've done both and can give you an overview of the market and how the roles differ.
  • Competition
People do like the world of interior design, so I'll be honest with you and give you the lowdown on the sector and how much competition you'll face for jobs or clients.
  • Tips to succeed
After being in this sector for some time, I'll also share my own thoughts on what you'll need to succeed and do well.

Call with Charlotte

The cost for the call is £60 for up to 30 mins.

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