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You’ll learn everything you need to know to make opening your own café a reality. From planning to pricing to product, business plans, mood boards, equipment and how many coffees per day you may make & how important food is, as well as a café tour of the local area - what works and what doesn’t.

Peter Dore-Smith

Peter Dore-Smith

Founder & director of Kaffeine – speciality cafe

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What you will learn

  • Your Business Plan
I’ll assess and read your business plan; providing an informative critique and offering my advice on how feasible or realistic it is. I will be completely honest with you and if I don’t think it’s going to work I will tell you so and explain why.
  • Planning
To open your own premises and be successful careful planning is crucial. I’ll share what you need to know, in the context of what I did before opening my cafes, so you can see exactly what it took to get to where we are today.
  • How to Get Going
Once you have the basics in place, how do you actually get going to build up your regular customer base and brand? How important is service and hospitality and breaking peoples habits.
  • Marketing
Ongoing promotion of your establishment is key; we’ll discuss all elements of marketing and branding including social media, google maps, instagram, twitter and facebook.
  • Pricing
We’ll discuss everything from what your mark-ups should be to realistically what your initial outlays will be and when you can expect to make a return – you’ll be surprised! I will show you a formula to work out how much spend per coffee & coffees made per day in order to ensure you make good margins.
  • Product
What are you going to sell and where are you to going to source it? There are numerous aspects to these fundamental elements that we’ll discuss
  • Cafe Tour
I will take you on a café tour of the local area and we’ll discuss how we work and how other cafes work – what works and what doesn’t. This is particularly helpful with regards to the importance of location and what factors you need to take into consideration that you may not have thought of.
  • *Practical Follow On
There may also be the opportunity for working on service , or even in the kitchen, but this will be dependent on meeting first and where your interest lies. If this is something you're interested in we can further discuss how it could work for you.

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