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Opportunity Overview

This is an initial phone call to learn more about the realities of starting and running your own personal training business. Peter will share his own insights built on years of successful experience

Peter Mac

Peter Mac

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

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What you will learn

  • Feel for the work
Come and shadow the last session I run of the day so when I finish we can sit down and go through how I run my sessions and plan my day
  • Marketing
I'll share my insights around who to connect with and what in my view is the best use of your time.
  • The income
Bring your own business plan and costs and income forecast and I can put you straight and make sure you're starting on a realistic path
  • The skills you need
It's not all about being fit! You need a wide range of skills to make this your full career.
  • The tools of the trade
I can go through what equipment and brands I recommend most and why so when you make investments of your own, it's based on insight.

Call with Peter

The cost for the call is £35 for up to 30 mins.

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