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Shafi is a London based journalist, currently business reporter at the Independent. He has previously worked at the BBC and The Economist. His career in journalism started off at local newspapers in North London and has had worked published in Prospect Magazine and Daily Telegraph. He has changed career himself - formerly in the arts and culture world, so he knows what it's like to career change and transition into a completely new field. Journalism is a highly competitive field but what makes you succeed isn't down to the degree or place you study, it's how you learn and adapt. Having the chance to speak to someone as experienced and helpful as Shafi is an incredible opportunity.

Shafi Musaddique

Shafi Musaddique


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What you will learn

  • What qualifications are needed?
There are plenty of places out there that will sell you courses on journalism. Knowing what to study and what institutions are the most respected will help you shortcut your way into the industry.
  • Overview of the sector
There are many branches and sectors in the industry as well as types of publications. We can spend some time talking about your values and what you are looking for and based on my experience, I can give you some insight as to where might be most suited to you.
  • Earning potential
I'll give an indication of what earning potential there might be for someone starting out. This is a competitive field and the market is changing dramatically with the on line digital world, so knowing what you might earn in the first few years is pretty important for life planning.
  • A day in the life
I'll go over my typical day and what sort of skills I use to give you an idea of the sorts of things you need to deal with. Often what people dream about when they think of a job isn't the reality, so I'll help open your eyes to the sorts of daily tasks I do.
  • Highs and lows
Before going into any job, you should know what the high and low points are. I'll share what I think are the main benefits to a career in journalism, but also from my perspective what you need to be prepared for in terms of the bad.
  • Questions?
I'll answer any specific questions you may have my job shadowing opportunity.

Call with Shafi

The cost for the call is £35 for up to 30 mins.

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