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Opportunity Overview

Learn the art of creating your own fashion collection and selling it commercially. From designing scarves to womenswear and home textiles, I will guide you through the process. From production to setting up buyer meetings and trade shows, I can help you to discover if this varied career is for you.

Ali Taylor Mapletoft

Ali Taylor Mapletoft

Fashion & homeware designer

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What you will learn

  • Making Space for Creativity
How to safeguard your creativity in an industry where time is money and distractions are plentiful.
  • Concept to Sample
The process behind turning your idea into a sample.
  • Trade Show Overview
What it takes to set up a great trade show stand, and approximate costs.
  • Sucessful E-Commerce
How to design a website brief, tricks of successful e-commerce, predicted turnover and tax considerations.
  • Production to Delivery
The process behind production. The pitfalls, common mistakes and reality of making your perfect idea scaleable.
  • Social Media Marketing
Creating and maintaining a growing social media profile. Some hard earned tips and tricks to get you started organically, and honestly.
  • Sales Strategies
Whether you choose to be trend lead, responsive or traditional, I can guide you through different strategies to optimise your sales.
  • Message
It's not what you do or what you say, it's how you say it. Defining your mission and message will be pivotal to the sucess of your brand.

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