Become a Furniture Designer/Maker - full day shadowing Bristol

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Opportunity Overview

The chance to experience life in a medium sized furniture workshop. From Design, Project Management, Sales & Marketing through to Manufacturing.

Dave Young

Dave Young

Furniture Designer/Makers

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What you will learn

  • Business Development
I'll share thoughts on how to attract custom and competitively price projects
  • Designing Furniture
I will offer approaches and considerations when concepting furniture pieces
  • Industry Overview
I'll share an overview of the industry landscape. From starting out as a designer/maker through to processing small batch run furniture
  • Furniture Making Techniques
Our master craftsmen will share knowledge on tooling, machinery, and road to becoming a competent maker
  • Financials
I will give a basic overview of costs to set up, from renting bench space to setting up a fully functioning workshop, as well as earning potential

Meet with Dave

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