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I can give an overview of what is happening in the start up world, who the main players are in the VC and angel investing circles. I'll share the reality of my work and the main things I do day to day: how many pitch decks we receive, the sort of things I feedback on, the sort of conversations I have with investors, how we build the products - the list is endless....

Shahryar Barati

Shahryar Barati

Business development - VC

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What you will learn

  • Earning potential
I know you want to ask! I'll share what I think is a realistic expectation should you get into this sector. I'm also happy to share what you could expect going into investment banking! Most organisations tend to use bonus arrangements, so I can break down how some might and do work.
  • The lifestyle
Am I up at 6 and going to bed after midnight? Can you do this job if you have a young family? I'll share what sort of hours are expected from me and what I end up doing. To a large degree, it depends on the culture of the place you work so I can also describe the overall culture and what I've heard from others in this sector.
  • The main skills you need
You have to be good at sales - but the level at which you are operating is sophisticated. I can talk through a typical process and what skills you need to be able to handle and assess things properly. This is certainly the sort of thing you'd be asked about if you intended to apply for roles in this field.
  • Qualifications?
Do you need an MBA? A Masters in Finance? Experience in hedge funds? There are certain types of roles and experiences which most VC's tend to look for and whilst there are all types of backgrounds and skills in this sector, there are some baseline expectations you should understand.
  • High and lows
I'll talk you through the ups and downs - what a good day and a bad day look like. If you can deal with this then, this might be the right sector for you.

Call with Shahryar

The cost for the call is £38 for up to 30 mins.

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