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Opportunity Overview

We’ll meet in my make-up studio and you’ll be able to observe myself and my team in various appointments including bridal makeup and hair trials, occasion makeup, editorial photoshoots, writing for beauty blogs and teaching in my academy. The day would be tailored to what you want to learn about

Kristina Gasperas

Kristina Gasperas

Professional Make Up Artist

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What you will learn

  • Your Business
We’ll discuss how to set up your business from scratch, your website, portfolio building, social media, how to market yourself (where and to who) and how to take beautiful portraits so that your portfolio is amazing.
  • Financials
We’ll discuss how long it will likely take for you to get established and to start reaping the rewards; your initial outlays and what you can expect to earn
  • My Day
You’ll be able to shadow me and my team in various appointments (makeup/hair/photoshoots) so you’ll gain real insight into how I work; my daily tasks are so varied.
  • My Academy
You’ll be able to observe me teaching in my academy. My students are often women in their 30’s and 40’s who are career changers themselves so you’ll be able to meet them and chat with them about their experiences.
  • Contacts
I’ve built up numerous contacts with other wedding suppliers and can share these with you including bloggers/florists, boutiques, suppliers, and caterers
  • Q&A
We’ll review your business plan and I’ll answer any of your questions and offer advice and guidance
  • Success
I’ll share with you what I teach my students that top London schools don’t (I retrain many newly qualified artists). We’ll discuss what you need to be doing to be successful; your passion and energy are crucial. I wanted to improve the standard of makeup and hair artistry – what’s your goal?

Meet with Kristina

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