How to become a Career Counsellor - half day shadowing East Sussex

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Opportunity Overview

Shadow a career guidance intervention with a career changer or women returner. Discuss the techniques used during the session and explore relevant career decision making theories. Learn about how to develop these skills and how to become a Registered Career Development Professional

Hannah  Courtney Bennett

Hannah Courtney Bennett

Career Development Psychologist - Coach

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What you will learn

  • Skills and abilities overview
Have the opportunity to explore what professional training is required for the role and the different training routes available. Also examine the key personal attributes and strengths necessary.
  • Business development insight
We can go through and review opportunities for work, how to develop business and explore relevant key contacts. It's a competitive world and I've seen a lot of what does and what doesn't work.
  • Learn and practice Techniques
I will provide the opportunity to practice different guidance techniques, as well as ideas on report writing and action planning
  • Observe a session
I often hear people say they know the theory of how to run a session but don't know how to do it in practise. By seeing a session and talking it through after, you'll understand how and why I use the structure I use. You'll gain confidence from seeing something run through in real life.

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