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If you've considered a career in counselling or therapy, I can help give an overview of the world: I work in school as a school counsellor; I run my own practise which helps couples, young people and those in the corporate sector needing support. I can give perspectives from many aspects of how someone wanting to train in counselling might apply their skills.

James Hawes

James Hawes

Counsellor | Pyschotherapist | Trainer

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What you will learn

  • Overview of how a career in counselling might work
There are many ways to apply a counselling skill set. Are you someone who can run a business or do you want to work in a school or corporate environment? I can help give an overview of the options
  • Qualifications?
What are the best to get? Are some seen as better than others? I'll share the industry view on what is available and what is the minimum expected.
  • Highs and Lows
For most people, understanding what a good and bad day can look like will help throw things into perspective.
  • Week in the life
I'll give an overview of a typical week so you get a sense of how time is broken up and what you spend proportions of your time doing. It isn't all about 'break through' moments with people. You need to know what other skills are involved to be successful.
  • Earning potential?
I'll provide an overview of what you could expect to earn at different stages of the counselling career.

Call with James

The cost for the call is £30 for up to 30 mins.

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