How to become a Dog Trainer/Behaviourist - half day shadowing Surrey

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Opportunity Overview

You will accompany me on a real life dog behaviour/training consultation and we will spend time discussing the various elements of the case. We will also spend time discussing the broader range of items that concern you relevant to your ambition to become a dog trainer and behaviourist.

Pat Moore

Pat Moore

Founder/owner PAT'S PAWS

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What you will learn

  • Skills and abilities overview
I’ll provide insight into the skills and abilities needed to succeed as a dog trainer/behaviourist
  • Dog behaviour
I'll provide you with an overview of what influences dog behaviour and the common problems associated with dog ownership
  • Competition
I'll give you an insight into how to succeed in a very competitive industry
  • Career path
I'll provide you with an understanding on how to structure your development to become a competent trainer/behaviourist

Meet with Pat

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