How to become a Music Director -half day shadowing London

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I an the resident musical director at a live London music venue. You're welcome to meet me at the venue whilst we go over and plan out an evening. Everything from the talent to the costs, the production and the operational side of making it happen get covered so you will learn how to be a music director.

Janette Mason

Janette Mason

Music Producer and Educator

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What you will learn

  • Venue considerations
You'll need to see the venue to take into account things like space, capacity and what impact this has on how you market, fill, price and sell an event.
  • The talent
How do you best fill up a line up - what sort of diversity do you need and how do you manage and get them on board?
  • The marketing and pricing
I'll share how we work out the pricing and where we find wee get best value and return from our marketing investment.
  • Skills and abilities
You need a wide range of skills to do this job well and I'll share what I think are the most important things you need.
  • The income
I'll share what you can realistically expect to earn from an event and how you might split this if you are working in partnership with different venues/festivals.

Meet with Janette

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