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Richard can talk about roles in a senior position in a charity, corporate and consultancy sector. He can share an overview of the sector, the skills needed to be considered as well as information on which sectors offer most opportunity.

Richard Todman

Richard Todman

Strategic Change Manager

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What you will learn

  • Being a strategy manager and leading change
I'm responsible for developing The Trust’s strategy and tracking our progress towards our strategic goals. I can go into more detail about what this entails on a day to day basis, so you get a better idea of the expectations and what you need to do.
  • Skills needed
Different organisations expect or place emphasis on different qualifications. I can share an overview of the main skills I think are most important and what you'd be expected to demonstrate for different organisations.
  • Likely income
I understand for someone making a switch or wanting to retrain, you may have prior financial commitments. I'll share what I think is realistic for someone in your position.
  • Working environment and work life balance
Working at the Princes Trust is a choice and it suits the needs of my lifestyle at this stage of my life. If you tell me the sort of options you are considering, I can tell you what I think you should expect in terms of working in a corporate consultancy or charity capacity.

Call with Richard

The cost for the call is £95 for up to 30 mins.

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