How to Run a Riding School - full day shadowing Surrey

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Opportunity Overview

A day shadowing me at the riding school; observing me run the equestrian centre which will include managing and training staff, dealing with customers and the horses. The day will be full of variety and including regular activities and some of the spontaneous things that occur on a daily basis. You'll learn what it really takes to run a riding school.

Fiona Tothill

Fiona Tothill

Riding School Proprietor

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What you will learn

  • Getting it right
Working with horses and people is challenging and sometimes conflicting; this is an important area to consider.
  • A full day shadowing
This job is a life style not a career; you will find we are constantly interrupted by daily challenges that demand my attention.
  • Growing the business
Kingsmead has grown in size and turnover; discuss the ever changing business model required to survive in this industry.
  • Find the right business model
Explore the options regarding working not for profit / as a charity or partnership. Getting grants & funding
  • Reaching out
How to use social media and a website to capture the right audience, making it appealing to your customers
  • The horses
What is required in a riding school horse, whether to buy in or develop your own
  • Setting the standard
Knowing who you are aiming at i.e pleasure / leisure riding

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