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Opportunity Overview

Peter is a multi-award winning cafe owner, so if you're interested in opening your own cafe this is your chance to learn from the best! He has years of experience and so a call with Peter can provide fantastic insight into this competitive industry to help you get started. Watch the video on our home page - you'll see one of our clients (Vicki) sharing how useful and helpful spending time with Peter was.

Peter Dore-Smith

Peter Dore-Smith

Founder & director of Kaffeine – speciality cafe

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What you will learn

  • Qualifications
What qualifications are needed? What are the basic lincensing requirements and what paperwork do you need to put in place? What sort of lease should you look at and what points do you need to check?
  • Overview
What is the industry sector like? What are the hours like, the type of work, the main things that take up your time and your day.
  • What is the earning potential like?
I can give a high level overview but so much depends on location, footfall, size of business. For more detailed insights and to go through your business plan in more depth will need to be something we discuss face to face in either the half or full day meeting.
  • Main skills needed
I'll share what I feel you need to be able to cope with and deal with on a daily basis. A background in hospitality is helpful, but it isn't essential. If you have some strong guidance and get some help with knowing what equipment, what products, suppliers to go with then you're halfway there but you and your own personality will get you the rest of the way. let's chat about if you're up for this.
  • I'm doing this because...
Read the testimonial from Vicki Fox. She was my first viewvo client ad I can't tell you how great she was. She was really prepared and had a great business plan. I loved helping her - if I can help someone on their path to finding their dream job, then that's time out of my (very) busy day I don't mind spending.

Call with Peter

The cost for the call is £35 for up to 30 mins.

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