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We'll run through my experience for starting a popup from scratch, and how we built it into a successful business. I can share my specific experience in establishing a brand in the F&B sector. Learn how you can be a self-starter and not need a lot of investment or professional input to start a pop-up shop.

Kiki Evans

Kiki Evans

Wine Bar Owner

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What you will learn

  • Inspiration & motivation
Gain the inspiration, motivation & confidence to take your idea forward
  • An insight into marketing
A basic how to for social media & DIY marketing. I'll give you an outline of how to we set up and how to use basic social media
  • The next step
What to do to get your business of the ground
  • Cencept development
I can help you define your concept and get it ready to take to market. Bring along some ideas and we can run through them and talk them out.

Meet with Kiki

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