How to be a Music Producer - half day in the studio West London

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In this half day, we'll spend time exploring more about how to structure your work/business and go through more detail of how you can get work and typical costs and income you can expect. Being here, you'll get to see the set up of a studio. You can bring me some of your own editing and we'll go through how to mix and pull content together. I'll share with you typical material I work with and show a before/after piece I've done.

Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall

Music Producer/Engineer/Mixer

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What you will learn

  • What content does a music producer work with?
I'll go over how we work on content, what is involved as well as go over what equipment I use and why. There is a lot out there to get started with and sometimes cost doesn't always equal quality. I'll share my insight of what I think is (or isn't) worth investing in.
  • State of the market and how to position yourself
In the initial phone call, we'll have talked about the market and what sort of expectations you should have. When we meet, I can spend a little time going over your CV and giving you some thoughts about where you might want to try or how you can make efforts to get your foot in the door. It isn't easy!
  • Cost and income
Prior to the day, you'll be given some homework (!) which is designed to get you thinking about what sort of costs you mgiht face as well as what income you might be able to expect for different bit of work. IThe idea is to help you build a better picture of what it's like running your own bsuiness so you can compare this with other in house roles.
  • Typical week
I'll go through my agenda for a typical week and go through what is good/bad about the variety and how each element taps into and needs different skills. By the end, you'll have a clearer idea of how you might spend your time.
  • Business development
I get my business from major record labels, direct with artists I've worked with previously, through agency work and through my own website. I can share what I think are the best strategies to building work up for someone starting out.

Meet with Adrian

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