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We will discuss how you can turn your photography hobby into a business, or a review of your business and where you’re currently at. I will offer advice from my experience as to how you could be more successful and profitable. The meeting will be completely bespoke to whatever you want to focus on.

Annie Armitage

Annie Armitage

Family Photographer and Company Director

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What you will learn

  • What you want to know
Our time together will be structured around whatever you most want to discuss. Prior to meeting I will send you a short questionnaire so that I know what you are most interested in to help structure our time together and so that you can get the best value from it.
  • Portfolio Review
If you bring in a portfolio of your work, we will review it together and I can provide an honest critique with constructive feedback and advice. The ability to create beautiful pictures is the heart of building your business – we’ll discuss how to bring it all together.
  • Business Development
I’ll share my tips and techniques on how to successfully grow your business. The business side is so important; in a week I could spend just 5-6 hours taking pictures and the rest is running the business including editing, networking, marketing, social media, post-production and meeting clients.
  • Industry
I will offer advice on the best training companies so that you can improve your work and what photographer societies are beneficial that could help you. Depending on what stage you’re at, I will advise on the numerous qualifications available and the best route for you.
  • Suppliers
Building relationships with suppliers is important. I’ll recommend who I use and why and because of my contacts I can help you in your business.
  • The Money Shots
‘To shoot to sell’ is a strategy of what you think the client wants to buy. I will share with you how I do this.

Meet with Annie

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