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Proceeds from this opportunity will be donated to charity.

Jonny Lattimer would like you to donate this fee to "Youth Music"

Opportunity Overview

Work and learn from the man who has written hit songs for Ellie Golding, Tom O'Dell and Rebecca Ferguson and many more. Jonny is not only one of the most successful people in this industry, the whole fact he is donating his fee to charity tells you something about his giving nature. His time isn't valuable. It's priceless (until we came along!).

Jonny Lattimer

Jonny Lattimer

Songwriter & Producer

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What you will learn

  • Songwriter Career Overview
I'll explain what it means to be a professional songwriter - from how I get work, through the creative process, to how I get paid.
  • Music Industry
I'll give you the context of the wider music industry, explain how what I do fits into it, and can also outline the other careers available.
  • Music Feedback
I'll provide feedback on your music if you'd like it.
  • Q&A
Answer any specific questions you may have.
  • My Career Story
I'll give you my experience of changing career to do something I love!

Meet with Jonny

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