Learn how to become a Nutritionist - half day shadowing London

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Opportunity Overview

An opportunity to see an experienced dietitian work in a one-to-one, Harley Street clinic setting. Seeing clients who need help with their diets for a range of reasons like weight management, IBS and sports nutrition. Learn how to become a nutritionist.

Jo Travers

Jo Travers

Registered Dietician and Nutritionist

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What you will learn

  • Skills and abilities
Gain an idea of what skills are needed to help clients identify where they can make changes and understand how to carry these changes through.
  • Techniques
See me demonstrate the techniques used to get people to open up about sensitive issues.
  • Clinic management
You will see how a clinic runs from initial consultation through to follow-ups and aftercare, with a copy of client consultation notes.
  • Skills and abilities
See how to impart relevant, complex scientific information at a level understood by the individual client.

Meet with Jo

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