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Being a successful interior designer is not just understanding the creative process, but also how to run a business. It is a competitive industry so knowing what does or doesn't work is a must. Learn what you need to know to become an interior designer.

Rachel Laxer

Rachel Laxer

Director - Interior Design

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What you will learn

  • Skills and abilities overview
At the start of the day, I'll go over what is planned and what we'll be covering. I'd like to get the low down on you and why you are thinking of going into interior design.
  • Sales & marketing
Should you spend money on PR? If so, how much? Is social media useful? If so - which ones? What type of posts attract more interest? As a new business, you'll want to keep costs down. I'll share what I did and what in my view is the best use of your time and energy
  • Networking and relationships
There are many organisations you could join, professional networks and I have my views about this - I can give my insights as this can be one of those areas which sucks out a lot of your time. Use it wisely!
  • Income and costs
Doing a course is expensive. You can expect to pay around £25K for a year just to get qualified and then there are all the costs associated with running a business and launching yourself. I'll give you a detailed view on likely income and can go through costs in setting yourself up.
  • Shadow a meeting
Depending on the day, it is likely a meeting will take place - supplier, client - you'll be welcome to join
  • Work processes
You'll see where we are with the projects we are working on - depending on what is needed, you'll see anything from initial concepts through the staging. I'll share how we do it in practise.

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