Learn how to become an Interior Designer - half day shadowing London

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Proceeds from this opportunity will be donated to charity.

Opportunity Overview

This is your chance to get a real flavour for life as an interior designer. Prior to the day, you and Charlotte will have a conversation for a real client brief. You'll be given a task to think about and come to the half day with ideas you can present to Charlotte and you'll have a chance to hear her feedback and thoughts. You'll meet in Chelsea Harbour - the mecca for interior designers to source materials as well as being a great place to meet many of the suppliers.

Charlotte  Stuart

Charlotte Stuart

Interior Designer

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What you will learn

  • How I'd go about sourcing material for a client
At the start of the day, I'll go over what is planned and what we'll be covering. You'll see how long it takes to acquire the content you'll need and how this works.
  • How to prepare a brief
With any client brief, it's important to understand what questions to ask so you can source content in line with expectations. Come armed with the questions you'd ask and we'll make sure you're covering all angles.
  • Marketing and branding
There are many different ways you can build up your own name and brand. We'll also have some time on the day to go through some of the main ways you can think about and build up your own brand. There are a number of routes to explore (social media, advertising, partnerships, PR etc) so we can go through the options. I'm happy to share my own thoughts on what I think is a better use of budget.
  • Your own Q&A
The best thing about a one on one is you get to come armed with all your own questions. Do take the time before the day to come up with all the questions you might have so we can tailor the experience around your own specific needs and questions.
  • Present your ideas
You'll have been given a brief for a client. I'd love at the end of our time for you to share your ideas. I'll give you some thoughts too and what is great and what the client might think/say.

Meet with Charlotte

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