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Opportunity Overview

This is a practical session where you’ll accompany me on a photography shoot*. Learn my tips and techniques to get the all-important ‘money shot’ the client will love! From my preparation to meeting with the client and post-production – you’ll gain real insight and understanding of the whole process

Annie Armitage

Annie Armitage

Family Photographer and Company Director

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What you will learn

  • Follow On*
This is a mainly practical session and I recommend we have the 2-hour ‘Your Photography Business’ meeting first so that I know more about you and your business, followed by this half day practical session if you wish.
  • Preparation
We’ll go through everything involved in my preparation with regards to getting everything ready and what I’ll be using for the shoot and set-up before meeting with the client
  • Hands-On
This is a practical session where you will be hands-on in helping me at a photography shoot with a paying client. You’ll be asked to help with my reflector and how I light the subjects. Learn my tips and techniques to get the all-important ‘money shot’ the client will love.
  • Client Interaction
it’s all about how you interact with the family and children to get the best from them, and I’ll share my tips and techniques so that you gain real insight and understanding of how to do this.
  • Editing
You will see how I edit the shoot we shot together to get the best pictures
  • Q&A
Throughout our time together I will answer any questions you may have, however a more specific review of your business will be undertaken during the 'Your Photography Business' meeting.
  • Timing
Depending on the time of year when we meet will depend on what shoot you accompany me on. I mainly do corporate shoots from December to the end of March, and the rest of the year is mainly family photography and nurseries. All shoots are client led and many are weather dependent, so If the shoot is rescheduled I will reschedule with you.

Meet with Annie

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