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Opportunity Overview

Laura is a mentor at Red Badger (one of the Times top 100 employers to work for) for UX designers (having a product and UX design background herself). In addition, she is the community manager for Red Badger, so has her ear to the ground on all things happening in this space. She helps recruit for Red Badger, so knows exactly what sort of criteria people look for and what type of person does well in this field. She can provide a great overview not only of life as a UX designer, but of the many e-commerce and digital transformation specialisms they employ

Laura Hasting

Laura Hasting

Community Manager ex. Designer

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What you will learn

  • A typical week in the life of...
UX design, product design, being an e-commerce specialist - I can provide a broad overview to many of the roles we recruit for her at Red Badger.
  • The highs and lows
Warts and all insights into what is great but also what you should be prepared for in this world of work
  • Barriers to entry?
What are the qualifications employers like us most seek out? What are they and which organisations do we respect the most? Are they necessary or can you learn these things on line at home?
  • Main skills needed
Knowing not only the main skills, but also the rough proportions of time you'll spend using them will give you a good steer on your own strengths and whether or not this will be a fit for you
  • Income and earning potential
I'll give a realistic overview of what someone starting out can expect to earn. Its obviously a very personal thing as everyone is unique, but I can certainly give you a general idea of what to expect

Call with Laura

The cost for the call is £35 for up to 30 mins.

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