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Ceza has for the last 4 years built up her Pilates and Burlexercise business. She radiates the qualities of someone who has found great balance in her life, a successful business and career happiness. She's friendly, knowledgeable, highly qualified (as well as being specifically and additionally qualified as a mentor) and is happy to share her world with you.

Ceza Ouzounian

Ceza Ouzounian

Pilates and Burlexercise Instructor

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What you will learn

  • A typical week in the life of...
What is it like running your own business and being your own boss? I can provide an overview of a typical day and week so you get a better idea of how I have to manage and divide up my time
  • What are the main skills I use?
There are people who try to build up a pilates business (or similar businesses like yoga, burlesque and so on), but there are many who fail and some who succeed. I'll share what you need to be good at and what skills really count if this is a business you're contemplating starting.
  • Barriers to entry?
You need to be qualified, but knowing what qualifications count and where to get them will save you making the wrong choices.
  • The income you can generate
When running your own business, how much you make is largely in your control, but I'll give what I think is a realistic expectation for what you can earn in your first year.
  • Starting out - the highs and lows
Any job has good and bad days, so if you know what to expect, you come out armed and ready. I love running my own business but there are definitely some things when I started I wished I'd known. If I'd had the chance to talk to someone who'd been there and done that when I'd started out, I would have jumped on it!

Call with Ceza

The cost for the call is £30 for up to 30 mins.

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