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Following on from our phone call, this meeiting will be more detailed and in-depth to give you a real flavour of the work of a journalist. As much as possible, you need to feel and experience what being a journalist is like, so before we meet, I'll give you a brief and I'd like you to come with a piece of writing.

Shafi Musaddique

Shafi Musaddique


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What you will learn

  • Feedback
We'll go over your work and from your style of writing and how you come across, I can make some recommendations not only on what to change/improve (if needed!) and where you might want to consider looking given your style and approach.
  • Ways to get in the door
Journalism is a competitive industry so it pays to know how and where to make approaches. I'll give you ideas of where to go, what sort of events you should be going to in order to meet people and the tactics which work in terms of helping to get your foot in the door. I can certainly share what doesn't work!!
  • Tools of the trade
I'll share what sort of tools you need to be familiar using as well as what sort of knowledge/skills will put you ahead of the competition.
  • Your personal branding
Does every journalist need a twitter account? how often should you update it? What sort of posts are popular? What type of content gets you noticed? I'll share my own views on what I think works and how you might want to shape and develop your own brand and credibility.
  • Pitch
I'll share with you successful pitches I've written to get work and you'll see what goes into it, how it works and what sort of timeframes you need to work within.
  • You never know
Often in a meeting or a discussion things come up that you can't predict. As I tell you something, the chances are this will spark off other questions you may have.
  • Possible bonus
If possible, I might be able to bring you into the office at the Independent. No promises because the journalism world is not predictable, but if I can make it happen I will.

Meet with Shafi

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