One-to-One Artist Consultation - half day shadowing Brighton

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Opportunity Overview

A one-to-one artist consultation can quickly help you to gain key insights into the creative industries and identify ways to help achieve your goal.

Jehane Boden Spiers

Jehane Boden Spiers

Designer, Art Agent, Mentor

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What you will learn

  • Portfolio Review
Bring your current portfolio or examples of your work along with sketchbooks - I will give you constructive feedback on your Portfolio; identifying strengths, giving advice on how to develop your portfolio as a whole, how to mock-up ideas for products, and suggest how to take your ideas forward.
  • Advice on positioning
I'll advise you on where your individual artwork fits best within the creative industries; giving you a targeted market to focus your efforts on whilst understanding the wider opportunities.
  • Brand development insights
I will help you develop strategies on how to both present and promote yourself as an art brand; based on your unique qualities. Bring along any relevant examples of your logo, business card, letterhead, leaflets, CV etc
  • Tailored Industry overview
As part of your portfolio review, I will recommend 10 Artists/ Publishers for you to research, tailored to your own individual interests.

Meet with Jehane

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