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Opportunity Overview

After we have met (*this is a follow up to my shadowing opportunity) and I know more about you and your experience, you may have the opportunity to work in service, or even in the kitchen at one of my Kaffeine locations. This will give you real hands-on practical experience as to what it’s really like for when you start your own business.

Peter Dore-Smith

Peter Dore-Smith

Founder & director of Kaffeine – speciality cafe

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What you will learn

  • Working on Service
You will work a full morning shift alongside one of our key members of staff on service from 7 am to midday including helping set up the shop in the morning, greeting customers, service from the counter, till operations, service to and clearing from tables etc.
  • Working in the Kitchen
You will work a full morning shift alongside one of our key members of staff in the kitchen from 6 am to midday including helping set up the kitchen in the morning, managing deliveries and stock, preparing food for service including breakfast, baked goods and lunch, washing dishes.
  • Daily Tasks - Service
You will be taken through how a manager manages the day including staff breaks, busy periods, change for the till, problem solving, cleaning & operational tasks, points & standards of service and working as a team.
  • Daily Tasks - Kitchen
You will be shown and will complete fridge temperature checks, food rotation and display checks, daily cleaning tasks, stock ordering with suppliers etc. You will help with preparing all items of food for the day for display on our counter.

Meet with Peter

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