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This day will be beneficial to anyone interested in making and selling their own creative fashion products. You'll learn what it really takes to run your own successful fashion business. I have my own shop and studio and will provide practical insight into what goes on at a busy working studio

Susannah Hunter

Susannah Hunter

Creative Director

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What you will learn

  • Bespoke Day
The day will be completely bespoke around you and what you want to learn and find about - before meeting I will ask you what your aims are so that you gain real value from our time together. I’ll provide constructive advice and guidance on how to turn what you make into a profitable business.
  • Running a Business
We’ll discuss your business plan and ideas and everything involved in running your own fashion business including: design, making, selling, suppliers, sourcing materials, manufacturing, costings and business development.
  • Branding and Overseas Markets
My bags sell worldwide, particularly in Japan where there’s a strong brand following. I will offer advice on branding, selling in a UK and overseas market, promoting your product and social media.
  • Your Product
Please bring samples of your work/product with you and I will provide an honest and constructive critique based on my 25 years’ industry experience. We’ll also discuss the best route to market for you.
  • Workshop Tour
I’ll provide a behind-the-scenes tour of my workshop where we make all of my pieces so you’ll gain first-hand experience of how it all comes together. I’ve very proud that my pieces are not outsourced and are all made on site.
  • Meet the Team
You’ll be able to sit with different members of my team and chat with them about their roles, training, and experience in design, making, sewing, leather cutting and producing handbags. This will give you real insight into working in the fashion industry and all that it entails.

Meet with Susannah

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