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Opportunity Overview

We’ll meet in one of my shops and discuss how I’ve built my business and what I’ve learnt, whilst reviewing your business plan and ideas. I’ll provide my honest opinion and provide constructive feedback. My aim is to inspire and motivate you, in a realistic way, to help you achieve your goals.

Martha Swift

Martha Swift

Owner of Primrose Bakery

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What you will learn

  • Starting out
I started from home in my kitchen and now have 3 successful bakeries across London. I’ll share my story and what I’ve learnt along the way that could help you; there have been many ups and downs!
  • Building Your Brand
Your brand is essential to your success - from our cakes to books to cards to merchandise, we do everything in house. We’ll discuss how to identify, grow and expand your brand.
  • You
You really need to have passion for what you do and be prepared to work very hard. If you do the sky’s the limit – I want to motivate and inspire you. We’ll discuss what you need to be aware of to make your idea successful.
  • Finances
Is what you’re proposing realistic? How are you planning to finance your idea? As my story shows starting out doesn’t have to cost the earth. You need to think big but start small…
  • Business Development
How to grow and develop your idea, and what social media channels work best. Building up regular customers and other peoples recommendations are the best form of marketing you can get; I'll share with you how I do this.
  • Business Plan Review
Based on my experience and all I’ve learnt along the way, I’ll provide an honest critique of your business plan and constructive feedback on what you need to do and be aware of. In any food business effectively managing supply and demand for your product is key to being successful.
  • Bakery Tour
I’ll provide a behind-the-scenes tour of my shop and kitchen, so you can see where all the magic happens and how it all comes together.

Meet with Martha

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