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Opportunity Overview

What's it really like running your own wine business? Shadow me during a busy evening service to find out! We'll also discuss everything you need to know from starting out to potential pitfalls. What does the day to day running of 'Unwined' entail - I'll provide real insight into what you can expect

Kiki Evans

Kiki Evans

Wine Bar Owner

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What you will learn

  • Starting Out
How to get started in the F&B industry, advice on qualifications and what you need to consider before taking the plunge
  • Wine, Wine, Wine!
What do you really need to know about wine for a successful career in this sector
  • Your Plan?
I will review your business plan and provide advice and guidance from my experience
  • Business Development
How to market yourself in a competitive industry and build a successful social media campaign
  • Financing
Realistically what does it cost? You can be a self starter and not need a lot of investment or professional input to get going
  • Shadow Me in a Busy Evening Service
The above points will be discussed in a 3 hour meeting. You will then be invited to return for an hour or so of a busy evening service where you will be able to watch me in action and see what service is really like in a busy wine bar!

Meet with Kiki

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