How to Start a Yoga Business - half day shadowing

How to Start a Yoga Business - half day shadowing  Half Day    London

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Opportunity Overview

Meet with me at my studio to find out all you need to know about starting out as a yoga teacher - including how to find your customers and how to keep them! I’ll share with you what I’ve learnt along my journey. You’ll also be able to shadow me teaching a class; including the planning beforehand and the evaluation afterwards

Mary  Schnorrenberg

Mary Schnorrenberg

Yoga Business Owner / Maker of Wellness Products

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What you will learn

  • What is your natural USP?
Being able to stand out with your offering of classes will help you be known as a specialist..Yoga in Arabic anyone?
  • Setting up Classes
You'll need well planned marketing strategies. Setting up your website, social media, online tools and word of mouth advertising.
  • Teaching classes
Before: class planning and sequencing. During: opportunity to shadow a class. After: follow ups and evaluations.
  • Boring but Necessary Paperwork
Insurance, Attendance, Disclaimers, Health Questionnaires and Evaluations.
  • Maintaining Classes and Students
Incentives, discounts , seasonal offers and loyalty schemes.
  • Expanding your Peripherals;
Setting up workshops, collaborations and retreats.
  • Creating a Related Business
In alignment with yoga principles that can compliment teaching
  • You
The importance of maintaining your own practice to keep you grounded and balanced!

Meet with Mary

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