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Opportunity Overview

This is an opportunity to experience life in front of and behind the camera. The best way to learn what I do is to do it yourself! You'll create your own vlog from soup to nuts. I'll get you to present confidently in front of camera. You'll not only get a good understanding of my work and how I do it - you'll leave with a product you can use to market to others.

Jez Kay

Jez Kay

MD of a video production business - media Creative

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What you will learn

  • Confidence in front of camera
Build confidence when videoing yourself and from this, learn how to get the best out of others.
  • Editing
You'll get to see and work yourself on producing a swift edit using Adobe software.
  • Filming tips
I'll share my experience and tips on how to video a high quality vlog
  • Gear
In this business you'll invest a lot in the hardware and software. You'll need to understand what is best - this alone can save you a huge amount of stress and accelerate your journey.

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