Design & Make Wellness Products - half day shadowing

Design & Make Wellness Products - half day shadowing  Half Day    London

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Opportunity Overview

If you make your own creative wellness products I can help you turn that into a successful business. We'll go through everything you need to know from marketing and pricing to selling at markets and in stores.

Mary  Schnorrenberg

Mary Schnorrenberg

Yoga Business Owner / Maker of Wellness Products

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What you will learn

  • Your Products
We'll discuss how you can create your own range of products that can compliment your teaching.
  • Photography
Taking proper photos of products for maximum interest, also developing a style /signature that's recognisable as yours.
  • Marketing
Producing effective marketing materials to get your products and brand out there
  • Market Stall
Getting out there and setting up your market stall. We’ll go through everything from applications to insurance to creative display and setup.
  • Customers
Building and maintaining a client base; mailing lists, newsletters, promos, offers and loyalty schemes.
  • Expanding your horizons
Moving from a stall to being stocked in studios and stores and online
  • Pricing
Navigating and negotiating commissions; going wholesale or sale-on-return?
  • You
Maintaining your own practice to keep you grounded and balanced!

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