Chairing a Charity - meeting

Chairing a Charity - meeting  Meeting    London

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Proceeds from this opportunity will be donated to charity.

Opportunity Overview

Giving specific insights and overviews to the role of Chair for Charity

Allyson Kaye

Allyson Kaye

Charity Founder, Chair and Trustee

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What you will learn

  • How to lead
I'll share insights into how we build a strategy
  • How to plan for and manage a meeting
Managing time and resources is critical
  • Effective organisation management
I'll share what we do to put in place effective working practises
  • Support for the team and how it all works
I'll outline the main roles of the other team members - the trustees and the chief officers so you know how people should work and support each other
  • Being a figurehead
From time to time, I'm called upon to represent the organisation. What I do and why I do it can provide you with some guidance.

Meet with Allyson

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