How to be a Music Producer - full day shadowing

How to be a Music Producer - full day shadowing  Full Day    London

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Opportunity Overview

A day spent with an artist, recording, discussing parts and the performance to create content recordings which are then ready for mixing and editing. This day is subject to the discretion of the artist being recorded. If you are interested in this opportunity, email me and I'll let you know if over the next 6 months, I have any opportunities for you to join me.

Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall

Music Producer/Engineer/Mixer

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What you will learn

  • Help me set up!
The start of any day recording is getting ready and making sure everything is working. I'll show you how.
  • Equipment overview
One of the biggest investments you can make in music production is the equipment you use. I'll go over what equipment is available, what I recommend and why. Insights into what works, how easy it is to get things sorted and how reliable things are, alongside the quality of the output are all important
  • Observe the recording
See how much is covered, how long it takes to record each piece, how many re-takes we do and so on. You'll see how the recordings are conducted as well as get to watch the artist and how they develop and relax into the day.
  • Discussion and performance
How you feedback to an artist and get them to try different approaches is really important. That quality of the relationship accounts for whether or not they like working with you and want to work with you in the future. It's a relationship which takes time to build and needs trust. You'll get to see how I manage those discussions and how the artist reacts to my suggestions.
  • Industry overview
At the end of the day we'll have time for me to give you an overview of the industry. We'll go over what you've learned and if you're interested in taking things further, I can recommend which courses are worth considering and what your next steps should be. I know who is who in the industry: who might be hiring, who can be more difficult, which places are more likely to work with those recently trained and so on.
  • Finances and income
The industry varies massively in terms of what people can earn and what you can charge. I'm happy to share my approach and give you some realistic pointers on day rates and so on.
  • Business development
I get my business from major record labels, direct with artists I've worked with previously, through agency work and through my own website. I can share what I think are the best strategies to building work up for someone starting out.

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