How to Run a Luxury Business Retreat in Italy

How to Run a Luxury Business Retreat in Italy Full Day   Verona, Italy

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Opportunity Overview

This is a rare opportunity to join me on one of my Business Visibility Retreats in Italy. This is behind the scenes look at how I plan, market and conduct a business retreat about raising profile. Set in Verona, October 5th-8th, this is a luxury experience you may find useful for yourself too.

Paula Gardner

Paula Gardner

Visibility and career consultant

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What you will learn

  • How to Structure
You will learn how to structure a business training session that allows for maximum learning
  • Financial
I will take you through the process I went through to price the retreat
  • How to Deliver
You get hands on experience of the nitty gritty of running a luxury business retreat abroad
  • Selling
I will take you through the process I used to sell the retreat, from what I decided to add in my marketing page, to how I got other people to sell the retreat for me
  • Fun and Travel
This retreat is being held in beautiful Verona. Part of my retreat experience involves getting to know a little bit about the city and enjoying what it has to offer
  • Profile Raising
You will be learning alongside my clients. We will be dealing with any blocks around raising profile and putting together a strategy...based on your own skills and likes...for raising your own visibility
  • Flexible
You can chose to join us for a period of 1 to 3 days.

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