Setting up a Vineyard - meeting

Setting up a Vineyard - meeting  Meeting    Near Tunbridge Wells

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Opportunity Overview

Come to the vineyard for a 2 hour meeting to see the operation and discuss your potential venture and get advice on how to succeed in the industry

Jonica Fox

Jonica Fox

English Vineyard / Sparkling Wine producer

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What you will learn

  • Vineyard tour
We will start the meeting with a coffee and a tour of the operation, you will see our different vineyards and the way we plant and train the vines to get optimum quality output from the vines, along with a tour of the winery to see the equipment needed and production methods
  • Financials
A discussion over the costs to set up in the industry and the time to market from vine planting to bottle production.
  • Tasting
An opportunity to end the visit with a chance to taste our wines

Meet with Jonica

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