How to build an App-Based Product and Business - meeting

How to build an App-Based Product and Business - meeting  Meeting    London

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It is all the rage to build you own app but the reality of doing it, launching it and getting customers and building your business model is all a different reality to the idea I originally started off with. I can walk you through the things I've learned and lessons I've found most valuable.

Tarryn Gorre

Tarryn Gorre

Hospitality Consultant and own and run a FoodTech Company

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What you will learn

  • How to start
App development is an unregulated industry. There are a lot of cowboys out there and people who will take your money for a poor product. I'll share what questions I would ask now I'm in a position to look back - learn from my hindsight
  • How to pitch
I was winner at the 2016 google campus pitch competition. There are lots of entries so to win is an achievement and one where if pitching is something you want some inside knowledge on, I can share my approach and the feedback I got about what made the difference.
  • Staff
You aren't an island and you won't achieve things on your own or without paying others. I can share what i think are your best investments and where I think you can save time and money
  • The income and costs
You'll want to know what it costs to set up an app and how much you need to put aside for marketing. ViewVo ask you to prepare a budget as part of your pre-work for the meeting. I'll go through this with you and give you an eye opening reality check. You might be pleasantly surprised or horribly shocked! Either way - know before you get into it.
  • Skills and abilities
I'll give an overview of the journey I've had and the skills and abilities you'll need to get there. What to expect and how long things should take will all feature.
  • Other questions?
Before the day, we have a quick email exchange where you tell me a little about what you want to learn. I can prepare and make sure we are all set and or if there are things you want to know that I can't answer, I'll tell you beforehand. Either way, the time will be put to good use.

Meet with Tarryn

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