Start Up: What It Takes

Start Up: What It Takes Meeting   London

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Opportunity Overview

A 2 hour in depth discussion about the realities of starting up your own business, and the skills and attributes you will need to get your ideas off the ground.

Jacynth Bassett

Jacynth Bassett

Founder of Fashion Retailer

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What you will learn

  • Skills And Abilities Overview
I will thoroughly discuss the skills and abilities you need to succeed as an entrepreneur - practically, mentally and emotionally.
  • What To Expect
We will discuss how to manage your expectations when starting your own business so that you can stay realistic and fair - using my own experiences as guidance!
  • Advice On Your Business Idea
Whether you have an idea or a fully fledged business plan, we will go through your proposition and discuss how to successfully take it to the next stage.
  • Capitalising On Opportunities
Whether you have contacts and prior experience in the field you want to go into, or absolutely none, you will still have something unique to offer and take advantage of. We will discuss how best for you to do this, and how to improve your network.

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