A career in floristry

A career in floristry Full Day   North Somerset, Bristol

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Opportunity Overview

Spend the Day, planning your first steps into the world of floristry, including advice on writing a business plan, cash flow and social media. A look at floristry education and ordering flowers, along with the opportunity to make your first hands on flower arrangement at a nearby venue.

Kathryn Delve

Kathryn Delve

Florist, Tutor and business owner

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What you will learn

  • Industry Overview
I will share insights into how the industry works
  • Getting started
I can advise you on how to get started and writing a business plans. Including setting up your social media sites
  • Education and skills
I can explain the levels of floristry education available and recommend an education provider. We will visit a venue and give you a taster hands on floristry experience.
  • Financial aspects
I can show you how to plan the financial aspect of the business including cash flow

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