Privacy Policy

ViewVo privacy notice

  1. What information is being collected?

    We collect your name and contact details

  2. Who is collecting it?

    Your data is being used by ViewVo and that’s it.

  3. How is it collected?

    We’re using our own website and contact forms, but we will also advertise opportunities on social media so if you complete a form we create on social media, we may also capture data from there.

  4. Why is it being collected?

    We are collecting data in order to contact you to arrange the opportunities to shadow experts you are interested in meeting. If you elect to sign up to our newsletter, we will also contact you when we have useful and relevant information to share.

  5. How will it be used?

    We will use the data to either contact you with regards to an opportunity you are booking or if you elect to receive our news, we will send you our news!

  6. Who will it be shared with?

    The only person who we will share your information with is the person you’ve asked to be in contact with. In order for them to call you/email you, we need to share your data with them.

  7. What will be the effect of this on you?

    You may get one email with updates once a month. If you’re trying to book an opportunity, you’ll only get emails related to that when you initiate them.

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