I’m Annie Armitage Family Photographer and Company Director

Why ViewVo recommends Annie Armitage

Annie changed career herself at 40 so is a fantastic mentor and guide to those looking to do the same. Annie already offers bespoke business reviews to people so has experience in mentoring and helping people understand why their business is not working as they wish. It’s really not just about taking photographs - Annie speaks at renowned photography events on this very subject and can offer advice and guidance on everything from post-production to marketing.

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My Experience

  • I’ve worked as a dressmaker, in hotel and catering management and I also used to be an executive PA.

  • I mainly work with families and create time pieces for them. I also work with nurseries and pre-schools to take pictures of the happy children. I do some corporate work; headshots and website imagery

  • As a creative being able to do what I want and to have that freedom. I love the fact I make a difference to people’s lives and that my work is treasured. I love what I do and feel lucky I’m able to

Press Featured

'The Societies'

I was a speaker at the largest photography convention in Europe ‘The Societies,' about being a business person first and a photographer second.

The Huffington Post

I was featured in an article in January 2017 for my advice on how to take fabulous family photographs


Annie Armitage

Awards and Qualifications


Master Photographer’s Association

I'm a member of the master



Diploma from LCC

I was awarded a diploma from LCC in



City & Guilds - Photography

City and guilds basic certificate in



Job Shadow Opportunities

How to become a Photographer - call

Would you love to turn your passion for photography into a business? Annie can help you get started - as a career changer herself she really knows ...

Shadow a Photography Shoot (half day)

This is a practical session where you’ll accompany me on a photography shoot*. Learn my tips and techniques to get the all-important ‘money shot’ t...

How to become a Photographer - meeting

We will discuss how you can turn your photography hobby into a business, or a review of your business and where you’re currently at. I will offer a...
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